Olamide’s Alleged Baby Mama Maria Okan Rocks Beach Wear In Public

Nigerian singer and rapper Olamide’s alleged baby mama Maria Okan says she finally rocked a beach wear out in public. “I actually felt free and had so much fun.”

Nigerians love a good video. We all like to see people exhibit self-confidence and a good hot bod. Radio show host Maria Okan made the news a while ago after rumours surfaced that she was pregnant for famous singer and rapper Olamide Baddo.

According to the rumours, the rapper had asked her to abort the baby and given her money to do it. But she left for the UK, where she had her child. Maria slammed claims that she collected money from anyone.

Fans have noted that she’s been doing well for herself since. Maria took to Instagram to reveal that she was on vacation. She shared that she finally gained the courage to rock a two-piece beachwear after being afraid to do so for a while. She revealed that she had fun. She wrote,

“So today I had the confidence to wear a biki*ni out in public for the FIRST TIME! Shyness and a lack of body confidence always stopped me. But it’s 2023 and I’m on holiday so we moveee! ‍♀️I actually felt free and had so much fun!”

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