Olivetheboy Releases Anticipated Single “GoodSin” To Public Acclaim

Africa’s Rising Stars show that “The Future” of Afrobeats is in Safe Hands.

Nowadays, it’s not unusual to read of an artist who suddenly finds themselves the focus of the media after producing a track or body of work of exceptional quality. Aside from the well-known acts, Up-and-Coming Artists advertising their songs is nothing new, and numerous platforms allow these artists to promote their tracks on the mediums.

TikTok, for one, has served as a platform where artists get to share their sound with music-loving audiences worldwide as they encourage them to use their songs as background music for their content. These songs often get viral, and the artist is known more popularly on social media and in real-time clubs and charts. One such is The fast-rising Ghanaian Singer, Olivetheboy’s “Good Sin.”

Olivetheboy Releases Anticipated Single &Quot;Goodsin&Quot; To Public Acclaim, Yours Truly, News, May 29, 2024

Despite the sexual undertone, Olivetheboy’s song “Goodsin” is about the trust he forms with a woman who can calm him down and hold his hand. Olivetheboy makes the point that the lady always understands what he needs. Therefore, she knows exactly what he wants. The theme of “Goodsin” is also how Olivetheboy can’t live without a woman because she has brought steadiness to his existence. He always wants to hold her hand and urge her to do the same. It demonstrates how relationships can be about supporting one another’s compassion such that it is nearly impossible to be apart. In “Goodsin’s Lyrics,” she offers Olivetheboy security, such as tranquility, anytime he is broken. He claims that falling in love with the girl feels so amazing, even though it may be wrong or sinful, and he doesn’t care at all since it makes him so happy and content.

Olivetheboy Releases Anticipated Single &Quot;Goodsin&Quot; To Public Acclaim, Yours Truly, News, May 29, 2024

Olivetheboy’s composed performance of this song is just what is required. The way it makes “Goodsin” flow so nicely is superb, and it is admirable how Olivetheboy can have such peace, beauty, and perfection while on a track. To be honest, this song required a calm delivery. The tune is practically flawless despite the vocals being heard above the mix due to excellent production.

And the symphony? It took great care to make “Goodsin.” From the artist’s composure to vocal ad-libs, and riffs, This song, an all-purpose anthem, may be related to anybody with its pleasing melody.

Olivetheboy Releases Anticipated Single &Quot;Goodsin&Quot; To Public Acclaim, Yours Truly, News, May 29, 2024

Additionally, the song is a component of Olivetheboy’s more extensive work, a project dubbed “Avana.” This song – and the album, proves the musician’s originality and adaptability, demonstrating his capacity to deftly combine several musical genres and styles into a coherent and engaging musical experience.

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