Olivia O’Brien Drops New Micro-mixtape “A Means To An End”

Olivia O’Brien, the LA-based singer/songwriter with over 2 billion global artist streams, releases her third micro-mixtape A Means To An End, out today via Island Records. The three-song project features “Never Be The One,” which was released earlier this month, and two more sad-girl bops: “What Are We?” and “Gone Girl.”

A Means To An End is the perfect example of Olivia’s uncanny ability to make the masses cry-dance.

Listen: O’brien Drops New Micro-Mixtape &Quot;A Means To An End&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, December 1, 2022

A Means To An End is about navigating relationships (both romantic and platonic) as a young adult. In ‘Gone Girl,’ I talk about being unhappy with the life I’ve created for myself and the superficiality of it all… when you just want to run away and start over, but you’re afraid to lose everything,” O’Brien explains. “‘What Are We?’ and ‘Never Be The One’ explore the complicated realities of ‘dating’ without being in any real relationships. Being compelled to ask ‘What Are We?’ is something almost every young person goes through in the age of ‘situationships’ and talking stages, whereas ‘Never Be The One’ illustrates a more romanticized situationship in which you can see the beauty in just experiencing life with someone without ever putting pressure on each other to do anything more.”

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