Omah Lay Says Real Music Is Dying, And That He’s One Of The Real Artists Left

In July 2022, Omah Lay released his debut album, “Boy Alone,” which was critically and commercially successful. Much of the album’s content is about the pain that comes with fame and how it copes. In a recent interview with Steph TV, Omah revealed that he faced a lot of pain and suicidal thoughts while working on the album.

In response to a question about the motivation behind the album and his creative mental space, Omah Lay shared that he is in a deep hole and can turn pain into art. “Boy Alone” has been humorously described by listeners as “Afrodepression” due to its content chronicling Omah Lay’s pain.

Omah Lay said that while listeners may not fully understand the album’s message and essence, “Boy Alone” is a work of art that will remain relevant even after a decade.

“Everybody is out there saying Afrobeats is not so deep, and it’s just vibes. This is because everyone is out there making hype. The real music is dead. That’s why people like me will always try. I’m one of the realest you can find, and I’m putting it on Afrobeats,” said Omah Lay.

He said that even in ten years, folks would be back on the album because everyone goes through things. Omah Lay also advises people when going through things to always take time to calm their minds because life will be good when you nourish your mind well. Watch the full interview below.

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