Omah Lay Sparks Concerns With Puzzling Post On Social Media

The Afrobeat sensation is in the news, and it looks like some worrisome event is occurring, judging by the tone of his post on his IG story. Omah Lay, whose music many have termed “Depressing/Afro-depression,” has been rocking the airwaves and included in many playlists over the years as his sound is all jivey and sets the mood for some vibe.

His sound garnered more attention when he released ‘Soso,’ which has become a Tiktok favorite and had him recounting his experiences and pleading for assistance and relief from his anguish.

Omah Lay Sparks Concerns With Puzzling Post On Social Media, Yours Truly, News, May 21, 2024

Omah Lay added to the conversation with a fresh post that he uploaded on his Instagram story as the flame of the issue started to fade. After posting the cryptic message on social media, Omah Lay alarmed and worried many.

He claimed that angels should be able to fly, but if no one hears from him for a while, he’s probably someplace honing his wings.

He wrote, “Angels are supposed to fly. So when you don’t see or hear from me in a while, know that I’m somewhere working on my wings.”

Others have voiced concern that the artist may be depressed and going through a lot, though. Many others have linked the post to the singer taking time off to concentrate on a new banging song.

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