Omah Lay’s Fans Are Concerned As He Expresses Heartbreak

Hardly would you find Omah Lay uploading photos or videos of himself on social media unless it’s about his music. But when it is personal content that does not concern the music, it draws the most attention, winning him more fans. Similarly, the singer recently uploaded a brief gallery of himself that included photos and a video. The clip seemed to stand out and attract the most buzz among the media slides.

Omah was talking directly into the camera in the footage but not happily. He seemed agitated even though he played it cool as he gloated to whom it may concern, which people now believe is his ex. Omah, in a long winter coat, was feeling himself while showing different angles of himself as he kept bragging to the mystery lady in question and asking, “What’s your reason for losing me?” However, seeing through the rugged, “stunting-on-my-ex” vibe, it gets a little obvious Lay’s heart was laid down and crushed, which bothered many of his fans.

In the comment section, fans were worried for the singer and asked if everything was alright. But while we await any response from Lay, let us all hope his heart was not too damaged to give us more good music. Watch the singer’s cute lamentation below.

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