Omerettà The Great & Aitch Conduct Freestyle Masterclass In A Bid To Promote Season 3 Of FX’s "Atlanta"

At long last, the Season 3 of FX’s Atlanta would be premiering today, March 24, and to celebrate the comeback of the FX-hosted series, a freestyle masterclass would be conducted by Atlanta’s Omerettà The Great and Manchester’s Aitch.

After what would appear to be four whole years, Atlanta finally returns with a new season on FX, which begins one year after the last season, with Paper Boi returning to Europe for a series of solo shows. As he continues to grow in popularity, Paper Boi and the entire crew become tourists in the place where colonialism was birthed, which is also where racism plays out in various ways than in America.

Ringing in the show’s premiere in grand style, Atlanta’s heartthrob, Omerettà The Great and Manchester’s pride and joy, Aitch, stopped by Cam Kirk’s studios in Atlanta, to dish out some hot internationally-acclaimed bars for the entertainment of both fans of the show and the world as a whole.

Both artists, as expected, delivered sizzling bars, with Omeretta referring to herself as “the one”, while Aitch spat some fire, as he also came for his peers when he rapped about their lyrics “lacking the truth”. Check out the freestyle below and be sure to go check out Season 3 of FX’s Atlanta now streaming on Hulu.

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