On A New Track With Cee-Lo Green, Eminem Claims To Have “Stolen Black Music.”

Eminem and CeeLo Green have released a new song as part of the soundtrack for the upcoming film Elvis, which is based on the controversial artist from the 1950s. Elvis Presley has been accused of stealing from other black musicians, and accusations abound that he was racist behind closed doors.

With that in mind, it’s simple to see why so many people hold a poor opinion of the artist. Em sings about stealing black art in his new song “The King & I,” professing to have achieved it himself. Em is, of course, a visitor in hip-house, hop’s and he recognizes his role as a white artist in the game.

“I stole black music, yeah true,” Em kicks off. “Perhaps used it (For what?) as a tool to combat school/Kids came back on some bathroom shit/Now I call a hater a bidet (Why?)/’Cause they mad that they can’t do shit (Haha).” Em added some extra bars regarding the analogies between himself and Elvis Presley throughout the song.

In true Slim Shady manner, he chose to be sassy with what he said, making a reference to “Jailhouse Rock.” While some may scoff at these bars, it’s evident that Em is at least aware of the situation.

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