On His ‘Super General’ Freestyle, Kevin Gates Slings Lustful Shots At Beyoncé And Nicki Minaj

Kevin Gates is single and ready to make a move.

In the wake of news that he and his wife Dreka had broken up, the Baton Rouge rapper released his “Super General” freestyle, in which he discusses their strained relationship. “Her and her son jumped my new wife and took her purse and won’t admit it,” raps Gates, who has been romantically linked to Jojo Zarur of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami.”

“Personal trainer invaded my personal space / Deep down inside it killed me,” he rhymes over the beat of Kodak Black’s “Super Gremlin”. He also implies that his 18-year-long girlfriend was disloyal. He then goes on to describe graphic sexual aspirations for celebrities such as Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and Rubi Rose.

“Rubi Rose, I can’t wait to have your feet facing my ceilin’ / With my tongue deep in yo ass while I kiss all on yo kitty,” he raps, before taking his shot with Queen Bey. “Ain’t no disrespect to Jigga, met through Nipsey, that’s my ni**a / Don’t know if they into swinging / Beyoncé need to let me hit her.” He says this before going into greater depth about his vivid dreams.

He also has a thing for Nicki Minaj, despite the fact that she is married. Listen to the full song below.

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