On His “Table For One” Radio Show, Drake Premieres Two New Songs, “Confusion” And “I Could Never.”

For Drake fans, it’s been a life-changing weekend. On Thursday, the 35-year-old announced the launch of his own SiriusXM radio program, Table For One, which was quickly followed by news of the release of his seventh studio album, that dropped at midnight on Friday.

Though some were ready to embrace whatsoever new wave Drizzy was putting them on, others weren’t shy about expressing their dissatisfaction in Honestly, Nevermind.

It’s impossible to argue that Drake knows his audience as one who has “been doing this for a long time,” and he undoubtedly expected some blowback for experimenting in other genres this late into his career, which is why he vowed more rap material in the near future.

“I got another Scary Hours pack coming, too, in a little bit,” confirmed the rapper on Thursday. “Maybe not, like [laughs] … Maybe not right now; I need you to just take this in right now. But I have a Scary Hours, I’m gonna slap some head tops off with a Scary Hours pack.”

On top of that amazing revelation, Champagne Papi also debuted two new songs on his Table For One premiere, “Confusion” and “I Could Never.” Both songs are available to listen to below.

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