Oxlade Drops First 2023 Single, “Ovami” Featuring Flavour

Oxlade, a Nigerian music sensation, has rewarded audiences once more with his latest release, a captivating tune titled “Ovami,” which is “over me.” Oxlade demonstrates his flexibility by collaborating with acclaimed highlife veteran, Flavour, to provide a spectacular duet.

“Ovami,” produced by the amazing Magicsticks, is Oxlade’s first official single of the year as a main artist and follows the remix of “Ku Lo Sa” with Camila Cabello. The song easily integrates aspects of contemporary Afrobeats with Flavour’s signature highlife sound, culminating in a novel and soulful musical experience.

The song “Ovami” features Flavour’s deep and beautiful voice as well as Oxlade’s recognizable silky vocals and sincere lyrics. The song expresses the yearning to be embraced by a special someone and the intense feelings that go along with it as it covers the theme of love and longing.

Music enthusiasts will undoubtedly like “Ovami” because of its contagious melodies, rhythmic beats, and welcoming lyrics. Together, Oxlade and Flavour bring out the most in each other’s particular skills, giving the song a new dimension. “Ovami” shows Oxlade’s continued development in the music industry as he solidifies his position as one of Nigeria’s top vocalists.

Fans can now listen to Oxlade and Flavour’s stunning soundscape in “Ovami” on a variety of music streaming services, or you could hit the link below to give it a listen.

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