Oxlade Reveals Running Away From Home To Pursue Music Career

In a recent interview with TMC, Nigerian singer-songwriter Oxlade stated that he left his family behind to pursue a career in music. The well-known ‘Ku Lo Sa’ singer admitted that after he ran away from home, he had to work odd jobs to make ends meet.

Oxlade said that his father first showed no interest in his love of music, but that his persistence and perseverance eventually paid off. He reflected on his experience and remarked, “I ran away from the house at some point in my life to pursue music personally. And I had to do all sorts of stuff to survive. Selling bus tickets and selling foods at parties”.

The gifted artist stressed his Lagos roots and his conviction that anyone living there can thrive anywhere. He said that being in the ghetto had taught him how to make wiser choices.

Many budding musicians have been motivated by Oxlade’s example of perseverance and dedication to pursue their goals tenaciously. Since then, his music career has flourished, and he is now one of Nigeria’s most in-demand musicians.

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