Pardison Fontaine Supposedly Reacts To The Rock Saying He’d Love To Be Megan Thee Stallion’s Pet

The Rock, a professional wrestler and movie star, is the most recent person to try to get Megan’s attention, albeit in an odd way. He recently participated in an interview with Kevin Hart for their animated movie, DC League of Super-Pets. The 50-year-old singer responded that he would belong to the Houston native when asked what celebrity they would be a pet to.

The Rock responded when prodded for more information “We don’t have to talk about that. Okay?” which caused his costar and the interviewers to laugh. While Dwayne quipped that he had a different response previously, Hart said that he’d be a pet to Denzel Washington.

The two actors appeared to be having a great time as they joked about their previous and current pets, discussed getting ready for their roles, and shared some embarrassing stories about one another. The Rock praised how much fun he and Hart have together in an Instagram post where he also gave a shout-out to Denzel Washington and the “Savage” femcee.

Meg’s man, however, did not appear to be having much fun with Dwayne’s selection. The Shade Room’s Instagram post about The Rock’s remarks received a negative comment from Pardison Fontaine.

“All our dogs is named after #s,” wrote Pardi. “Just teach your wife to use seasoning… you’ll be iiight… Moana is the s**t tho.”

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