Paul Okoye Discloses He Had Been Single For Four Years Before Meeting Ifeoma

Paul Okoye, popularly known as Rudeboy, one-half of the musical group P-Square, has revealed additional information about his union with his ex-wife Anita. You might recall that Anita and Okoye were eight years into their marriage when the former requested a divorce from the latter, citing a number of issues. As a result, a high court in Abuja recently granted them a divorce. However, Okoye also caused controversy recently when he acknowledged his relationship with Ivy Ifeoma, a new love interest.

The new relationship sparked a lot of online chatter, and Paul had about enough of it. The singer put all the lies and conspiracy theories to bed when he came on his Instagram live. Addressing the situation, he first made people understand his personality and how much of his private life he does not allow the world to see or know. He also took the opportunity to clear the air about his situation with Ifeoma.

He explained that before he got romantically linked with Ifeoma, he had already officially and legally ended his marriage to Anita and had been single for four years. He said he had kept all that private information to himself until now and that everybody should “calm down.”

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