Pepsi & IHOP Join Forces To Create A Breakfast-Inspired Soda

Pepsi has joined forces with breakfast giant, IHOP, to create an all-new soda specially designed for the morning hours. The cola maker, on Thursday, announced plans for a maple syrup-inspired beverage containing the same classic refreshment of a Pepsi, this time with a IHOP twist.

On 24th March, Pepsi began the sweepstakes on social media, granting fans the opportunity to land their own six-pack. Though Pepsi Maple Syrup is not available to retailers just yet, but you can share either a photo or video of your stacks online, together with the hashtag #ShowUsYourStack, #PepsiSweepstakes, and @IHOP.

After the draw, 2,000 winners will be grabbing the chance to try the first-of-its-kind flavor.

“There is truly nothing quite like the indulgent taste of Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola—sweet maple syrup blended with the refreshing taste of Pepsi cola. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with IHOP on this special initiative, as it isn’t often we get to bring together two iconic brands to satisfy the cravings of pancake and Pepsi lovers alike,” said Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer for Pepsi, in a press release.

“We can’t wait to celebrate those who have an unapologetic love of pancakes by giving the limited-edition cans to 2,000 fans who #ShowUsYourStack online.”

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