Pete Edochie Bags Two Doctorate Degrees At 76

Pete Edochie, a well-known Nollywood actor, has received a lifetime achievement award and two honorary doctorates from ISTM University in Togo. These honors were bestowed upon the illustrious actor while he received them at 76 years old. Edochie’s major contributions to the creative sector and his influence on the entertainment industry were honored by ISTM University in Togo.

An online video shows representatives from the international university personally presenting the honors to the actor at his house. A lifetime achievement award, a doctorate in literature, and a doctorate in the arts were among the prizes.

In other events, Pete Edochie was questioned about his choice not to have a second wife during the interview with Chude, the seasoned Nollywood icon. He replied that he had no need for another wife because his present wife had given him five sons already. When his first wife had given him the children he had always wanted, he saw no reason to go for a second marriage.

Although he personally did not see the need for polygamy, he said he wouldn’t condemn it because everyone makes decisions for different reasons. The movie celebrity provided the example of a man who married a second wife after his wife forbade him from having sex with her.

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