Peter Obi Wow Nigerians In Abuja

The 2023 presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has called on Nigerians to join him in building a nation they will be proud of.

Speaking during the Labour Party’s mega rally in Abuja, Obi promised to provide a revolutionized governance and run an all-inclusive government that prioritizes security, prosperity and end the suffering of Nigerians.

He outlined his plans to tackle the high rate of poverty, insecurity, and unemployment by kickstarting an agrarian revolution that would eventually spread to other industries, creating jobs and reducing the cost of food and inflation.

Obi also promised to prioritize the needs of the youth and create an enabling environment for them to thrive. He acknowledged the high rate of youth unemployment. He promised to create employment opportunities for the youth in agriculture and other industries, making them productive and contributing to food security in the country.

“The youths of Nigeria, you are the ones contesting this election through us,” said Obi. “We are only representing you and we want things to change.”

Obi equally vowed to tackle the issue of insecurity, which has been ravaging several parts of Nigeria. He promised to provide the security of lives and properties and ensure that citizens feel safe in their communities.

“What Datti and I are offering you is simple – we are offering you the security of lives and properties. We would fight insecurity,” said Obi.

Obi, who is running alongside Yusuf Baba-Ahmed as his running mate, was accompanied by other chieftains of the Labour Party, including renowned economist Pat Utomi. The Labour Party presidential candidate urged Nigerians to join the party to build a new Nigeria and make it great again, adding that the party cares for the family and would empower families to be great again.

Peter Obi promised to revolutionize governance and ensure that Nigeria becomes a prosperous nation with a thriving economy, providing security, prosperity, and an end to the suffering of Nigerians. He encouraged citizens to join him in the journey to a new and better Nigeria.

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