Peter Of P-Square Urges Critics To Refrain From Making Empty Threats While Speaking On The 2023 General Elections

On Saturday, January 14, 2022, Peter Okoye, one-half of the multi-award-winning group P-Square, addressed the issue of musicians appearing at general election campaigns in a post on his social media account. The performer strongly objected to those who criticized them for endorsing Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate. However, the singer first thanked and appreciated his fans for all their love and support.

He threw shade at those backing the other opposition parties, saying that the elections would come and go, which subliminally means they would have to live with whatever decision they made or are making now. Mr. P then faced detractors who had threats against him and his twin, confidently stating that they had no power over them or their music, seeing as their sound had traveled across the borders of the country and the shores of the African continent.

He boasted that regardless of the outcome of the forthcoming elections, P-Square will still be up and balling as he announced their upcoming Senegal and Europe tours. And speaking of international tours, the Okoye twins have been having a blast since their reconciliation in late 2021. They dropped two hot new singles and have also concluded a successful sold-out US tour, so if Mr. P says haters can’t touch P-Square, you best believe that.

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