Peter Okoye Explains Why He Is Not A Professional Footballer

One-half of the reunited music trio P Square, Peter Okoye (aka Mr. P), has admitted that he now regrets not going after his childhood passion of becoming a professional football player. The musician revealed in a message on social media that his initial goal was to play professional football but that he ultimately found success in music.

Mr. P, who disclosed in a post on his Twitter page, added that while he is happy with his accomplishments as a singer, he wishes he had pursued a soccer career. However, he said that observing where those new vistas lead you might be interesting when life alters the course of your future.

The singer also recently made headlines after kissing a fan at P-Square’s sold-out concert in Amsterdam. The musician was seen performing at his gig in Amsterdam when a video of him diving off the stage went viral on social media. The musician first moved toward a group of women standing in the front row who were eager to meet him as soon as he left the stage.

Peter approached one of the women and attempted to kiss her, but she turned her cheek toward him. She tried to shake him off, but he also made sure to lay another kiss on her mouth. Later, the camera captured the woman’s uneasy laughter.

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