Petite Meller Unveils New Single And Video “The Drummer”

The iconic, Bowie-ish, Israeli-French popstar with a master’s in Philosophy, Petite Meller, returns with her new singleThe Drummer”, out now on all DSPs.

Inspired by GünterGrass’s book The Tin Drum, where Oscar wakes people up with a drum, “The Drummer” was written by PetiteMarky Style (Royal & Serpent), and Ori Avni.

It’s about the Kids fighting for peace, protesting to protect the planet, and standing up against our broken political systems,” whispers Petite. This dovetails with the euphoric video shot all over the world, including footage filmed in 2021 in Russia and America, whilst the song asks in all-caps, “ARE YOU AS HAPPY AS THE OTHER KIDS, TELL ME?”Petite Meller Unveils New Single And Video &Quot;The Drummer&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, June 18, 2024

“The Drummer” is a “peace pop” song written from the perspective of children, pleading to their different political leaders not to rob them of their childhoods. It’s also a story that’s very close to home for the musician and model. “As a child growing up in Israel, I mentally had to turn to escapist worlds and philosophy studies. As kids, we shouldn’t be affected by miserable children who become politicians.

It’s not the first time Petite’s music has set out to – as Interview Magazine pointed out – unsettle people to empower them. On her breakout hit, “Baby Love” the upbeat music video, shot in picturesque Kenya, featured Revolution girls against the terror organization Boko Haram. Meanwhile, the video has garnered over 12 million views on YouTube, it landed her in the U.K. Top 30 and earned her an MTV European Music Award nomination.

For the video, Meller collaborated with the talented dancers at the Rockwell Dance Center in Trumbull, Connecticut, along with New Britain’s High School Marching Band, under the direction of Justin Carlin. The Rockwell Dance Center’s owner and Artistic Director, Nikole LaChioma, produced the music video along with Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé’s music video producers FreenJoy from LA. They give upwards of $75K in scholarships every year, making sure ART is available to everyone. No matter their background ability or financial situation.

This video is actually about my focus to try to stay positive. I’m like a warrior in that field. I grew up in a very cynical atmosphere, where everything you do could be better, never satisfied. That’s why I’m attracted to people who are over-excited and curious and are all about celebrating life as a present. For “The Drummer,” I was inspired by Oscar, the protagonist of 1959 GünterGrass’s book ‘The Tin Drum.’ Oscar revolts by creating a disturbance through music. He uses A Drum to wake up society.” 

Meller’s music celebrates overcoming pain through uplifting melodies and victorious trumpets. She uses her music to inspire others to wear their trauma proudly. Stream and watch Petite’s “The Drummer” and stay tuned for more news to follow.

Petite Meller Unveils New Single And Video &Quot;The Drummer&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, June 18, 2024
Photo Credit: Erik Stackpole (@Erik_Stackpole_Undehn)

Petite’s “The Drummer” is out now. New album coming in 2023.



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