Philanthropic Harrysong Gets Emotional As He Visits Orphanage, Poses With Children

A rude reality check was shown to Nigerian music sensation Harrysong during a recent visit to an orphanage. The singer posted images to Instagram and a caption describing how a three-month-old baby’s tale nearly brought him to tears. However, Harrysong pledged to do his part to help those in need, and many applauded the performer for being proactive.

Philanthropic Harrysong Gets Emotional As He Visits Orphanage, Poses With Children, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

After taking to his social media to share his experience from a recent visit to an orphanage, the Nigerian singer Harrysong moved the internet community. The entertainer wrote on Instagram about meeting a three-month-old infant whose tale nearly brought him to tears. Harrysong claimed that the infant was abandoned, and the manner was a cause for concern and was a sharp jolt back to reality on the hardships faced by many Nigerians, especially females.

He said in his social media post,

“Visited an orphanage Home Today …. And the story of how the little 3 months old am carrying on this pics was dropped almost made me cry.”

Harrysong stated that people face difficulties in life and that he will always try to assist those who are in need. He said as follows in his post:

“My people, things Dey happen for this life o. Not that I’ve it all, but in my little way, I won’t stop giving/supporting…. Cus for olomu in Warri where I grew up with design, na portor portor we Dey match go school and hustle.”

Harrysong also shared relationship-related content on social media. For example, he encouraged women to live with their parents rather than live alone as burdened by survival. This may frequently lead to them engaging in vices to make ends meet, in contrast to the current trend of being labeled an “independent woman.” The viral statement received mixed responses from social media users.

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