Philly Goats Ignite Summer 2023 with Viral Single ‘Get Off The Wall’

The Hipdance Trio from Philadelphia Sets the Summer Tempo with their Latest Release

Philadelphia’s rapidly rising “hipdance” trio, Philly Goats, have set the summer tempo with their latest single “Get Off The Wall”. The group, consisting of D Sturdy, Sou, and PGS Spence, released the single via Def Jam Recordings, and it has already been hailed as a potential “song of the summer 2023” by The FADER.

The single has taken social media by storm, inspiring over 1 million TikTok creates and counting. The trio has updated the classic melody from Kool & The Gang’s “Get Down On It” and sped it up for Gen Z. The result is a track that possesses the power to ignite any dancefloor with its swaggering horns, four-on-the-floor thump, and quotable rhymes. The song issues a gleeful invitation to move, “I see you up over there on that wall, girl. You better get up off that wall!”Philly Goats Ignite Summer 2023 With Viral Single 'Get Off The Wall', Yours Truly, News, February 25, 2024

Philly Goats are upholding a legacy of high-energy club music, yet they are also paving their own lane in the modern movement with airtight rapping and soaring singalongs. Pitchfork has hailed them among “The Next Generation of Club Rap” and proclaimed, “It’s an escape.”

The group’s previous banger “X Em” continues to gain traction with 557K YouTube views on the music video. The FADER asserted, “No matter what anyone says, the Philly Goats remain the blueprint for all-ages fun.” Pitchfork proclaimed, “Like the rest of Philly Goats’ music and videos, it’s pure, unadulterated fun.” Teen Vogue attested, “The collective has evolved the sound that upholds the essence of dollar parties, teen dance cyphers, and tangin’ to no end in a way that Gen-Z craves and TikTok can’t go without.”

Over the past year, Philly Goats have captivated audiences with a sharp and show-stopping style. They’ve quietly emerged as the face of the “hip dance” movement in Philadelphia. The guys have incited one viral moment after another, building up to “X EM.” Just the snippet inspired over 251K “creates” on TikTok and nearly 100 million views.

With the release of “Get Off The Wall,” Philly Goats are set to dominate the summer of 2023. The group’s unique blend of high-energy club music and modern rap is sure to keep fans dancing all summer long.


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