Pink Returns With ‘Trustfall’, Album Drops On 17th February

Pink has released a new music video for her latest single “Trustfall” which is also the title track from her upcoming ninth studio album. The video, directed by Georgia Hudson, features a fantasy storyline in which a young woman is looking for the same release and confidence as the song. Her upcoming ninth studio album will be released on February 17. Georgia Hudson directed the video, which features the singer alongside a young woman looking for the same confidence and release.Pink Returns With ‘Trustfall’, Album Drops On 17Th February, Yours Truly, News, March 22, 2023

The film’s cinematic visuals include her singing and driving her motorcycle in a purple sunset on a beautiful coast. Pink complemented her platinum-colored hair with thick jewelry and chunky piercings as she took close-up photos.

The video begins with Pink asking if the main character is going to fall. The scene switches to the same young woman going through a house party. To the voiceover, “Is someone supposed to catch me, or do I catch myself?” The mini-movie alternates between three timelines. Pink edits quickly. Couples are seen dancing back at the house party, while Pink sings.

The “So What” singer performs acrobatics while dancing to “TRUSTFALL” in the video. Pink sounds great in this video. It’s easy to see how toned and beautiful she looks as she wears a black top with red gloves.

People were excited to see Pink’s new project. Pink is well-known for her strong empowerment messages and music videos, so it shouldn’t surprise that this comes as no surprise.

Fred Again produced the latest single by the singer-songwriter. It explores the idea of letting go, and shedding inhibitions.

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