PinkPantheress Shares Opinion On Ideal Song Duration

PinkPantheress recently discussed why she prefers her songs to be short and sweet, stating that she believes songs should not exceed two minutes and 30 seconds. On Friday, May 24, the talented singer, originally from Bath, unveiled her first song of the year, the melodic track named ‘Turn It Up’. As part of the promotional campaign for the single, she engaged in a conversation with ABC News for their Prime Playlist segment, during which she elaborated on her preference for concise song durations—in the interview with journalist Ashan Singh, the 23-year-old artist offered insights into her creative process and the reasoning behind her short song format.

“I was able to experiment and making short songs was just a result of me experimenting,”

“A song doesn’t need to be longer than two minutes 30, in my opinion. We don’t need to repeat a verse, we don’t need to have a bridge, we don’t need it. We don’t need a long outro.”

The singer-songwriter’s longest track is “Capable of Love,” featured on her debut album “Heaven Knows,” released in November. This particular track spans three minutes and 43 seconds, standing out from most songs on the album, which typically range between two and three minutes. In contrast, her 2021 mixtape “To Hell With It” comprises ten songs, with only three exceeding the two-minute mark. Notably, music icon Dionne Warwick has publicly expressed her disagreement with the singer, emphasizing the importance of a song having a bridge to allow it to breathe.

In a recent conversation, PinkPantheress shared her feelings about fame, describing it as “very scary.” She revealed that she intentionally kept a low profile at the beginning of her career to create a sense of mystery and intrigue around her persona. Additionally, she opened up about her struggle with partial hearing loss in her right ear, admitting that it initially impacted her ability to mix her music and caused feelings of sadness.

Excitingly, PinkPantheress is gearing up for her debut tour in Australia, where she will primarily be the opening act for Coldplay on the Australasian leg of their ‘Music of the Spheres’ world tour. In addition to these performances, she will be headlining a few shows in Melbourne and Sydney. For those interested in attending, ticket availability can be checked online. Furthermore, fans can look forward to PinkPantheress’s collaboration with Kaytranda on his upcoming album ‘Timeless’. This follows their previous successful collaboration on the 2022 single ‘Do You Miss Me?’.

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