‘PLAY THIS AT YOUR WEDDING’ Lands On Spotify’s New Music Fridays, The Drip & Come Thru Playlist

“‘PLAY THIS AT YOUR WEDDING’ is 100% petty. It’s a letter dedicated to your ex. The reassurance and comfort that your heartbreaker deprived you of. It’s a track that makes you scream at the top of our lungs, whether you’re in the car, at the club or cooking in the kitchen at home. To sum up the record in one word, I’d say empowerment. I want everyone who’s had their heart broken to listen to this track and realise we are better off now than we ever were; And let’s hope they hear it at their wedding.” – Cloud Dstrct.

‘PTAYW’ aligned with Cloud Dstrct’s first headline sell out show, announced in an Australian first on Instagram.

If you didn’t press on that link, run back a few words and do it now. The announcement finds Cloud Dstrct wearing a wedding dress…. Yes you read that correct. It’s been the talk of the city and the track is the perfect ballad to get over your ex.

The ‘PTAYW’ single launch left a splash in Perth over the weekend. “I’ve decided to throw something that means more to me than most would think. It’s going to be one of the best live shows to ever take place in our city & I hope those who pack out the show are able to sit in their Ubers home and discuss what they experienced with their friends”. Joining Cloud Dstrct on the stage at The Rosemount was some of Perth’s finest, Tobias, Oshua, X4nder & Nxlly.

‘PTAYW’ available on all streaming platforms now.

'Play This At Your Wedding' Lands On Spotify'S New Music Fridays, The Drip &Amp; Come Thru Playlist, Yours Truly, News, April 22, 2024

Cloud Dstrct comes off the back of his first release for 2022 ‘PABLO’ featuring fellow West Australians KAYPS and Adam Ricci. ‘PABLO’ gave his fans a glimpse into the next chapter and soundscape, tapping into art reminiscent of Chase Atlantic, Post Malone & The Weeknd.

2021 was a huge year for the Cloud Dstrct when he stormed onto the scene, experiencing success being played on national Top40 radio by Ash London, Triple J, Soundcloud Radio, huge Spotify Playlist’s and collaborating with some of the biggest artists coming out of Australia.

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