Police Use Battering Ram To Break Into A$AP Rocky’s Home For A Thorough Search Following His LAX Arrest

What a tough week it’s been for A$AP Rocky. Just days after being faced with accusations of infidelity amid Rihanna’s pregnancy, now debunked, the rapper was put in cuffs and taken into police custody on Wednesday morning in Los Angeles.

The rapper was taken in for assault with a deadly weapon after police alleged that he fired a gun 3 to 4 times, grazing the victim with a bullet. This incident had taken place on Nov. 6th, 2021.

TMZ released updates on the case following the rapper being taken into custody. Police said that Rocky had prior knowledge of the alleged victim and also allegedly fired the weapon after getting into a heated exchange.

LAPD stated that it was the alleged victim’s statement they used as a starting point to corroborate the claims, which in turn led to Rocky’s arrest. The rapper has already found a legal attorney to represent him in the case and soon will be booked.

Coppers also secured a warrant to raid Rocky’s home on Wednesday morning, where they used a battering ram to get through the front gate of the rapper’s home. Wrapping up the search, they exited with a box of evidence. However, the content of the box remains unknown, at least for now.

Rocky was met with the popo as soon as he touched down in L.A. on Wednesday after a getaway trip to Barbados.

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