Portable, Almost In Tears, Is Humbled At The Police Station

Police detained popular singer and record label owner Portable on Friday after he repeatedly ignored summonses. He was then questioned at the Ogun State police headquarters, as seen in a viral internet video. However, when asked by the police chief about his disorderly behavior at his restaurant as security personnel attempted to arrest him, Portable responded politely and kindly.

According to the artist, he was unaware that the people he verbally abused were police officers. In the video, Portable stood with his arms behind his back, appearing composed and ready to justify his actions. The musician will continue to be held by police until Monday, when he is scheduled to appear in court, according to Premium Times. Portable, happy when he approached the Commissioner of Police’s office, seemed regretful and nearly broke down in tears as he left.

“I was lured here, they want to kill me. What have I done? I never knew those people were police officers,” he was overheard lamenting in Yoruba, despite his refusal to engage with reporters.

Mr. Abimbola gave a speech to journalists in Eleweran, advising upcoming artists to be modest and law-abiding, and he couldn’t be more apt. Of course, situations like this are avoidable and require understanding and diplomacy, but Portable wouldn’t know a thing about that. However, we live and learn. Hopefully, the street-hop artist will make things much easier next time if there would be any.

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