Portable Asserts That Nobody Is Responsible For His Fame

Nigerian street performer Portable shocks the nation with his most recent admission and maintains that no one is to blame for his fame. The remix of Olamide’s blockbuster song Zazoo features a line from Portable, which is widely known. He was introduced to Olamide by renowned dancer Pocolee, and this, of course, changed everything. However, in a recent interview, the artist, who just welcomed his fourth child with a different baby mom, made some contradictory discoveries. Nobody “made him popular,” as Portable put it.

He asserts that none of them, including Olamide and Pocolee, are as “claimed” as they are. He stated that he was already well-known and referred to himself as a child of grace that people wanted to hang with, including a newborn child, as the rapper recently welcomed his fourth child. The singer’s second wife and their first child, who would be the singer’s fourth child, were welcomed into the world last week.

The couple held a lavish celebration for their kid on Monday, December 19. At Portable’s home, friends, family, coworkers, and others gathered to witness the baptism of his kid. However, the artist had a double reason to celebrate the child’s birth because it was his first anniversary in the music business. Recall that on December 10, 2021, Portable became well-known and announced his arrival in the public eye.

He thanked God for the beautiful gift while rejoicing over the new member of his family.

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