Portable Attacked: Storms Community With Police & Dogs, Receives Insults

An Ogun state community and its members have reported that the well-known singer Portable has harassed them and are insulted by Portable after he confronts the community with police and dogs. They asserted that ever since he reported that he and his sister had been assaulted, he frequently comes to their neighborhood with police and dogs to intimidate them.

After being attacked by individuals close to him, Portable reportedly raised the alarm a few days ago. He claimed they were physically assaulting his sister, and he tried to defend her, but the situation quickly got out of hand. In addition, the controversial star claimed a longtime friend he aided after becoming a successful performer stabbed him in the hand and neck.

He claimed their relationship dates back to when they hustled in the same neighborhood. He said he chose to take the individual off the streets, but the fellow returned the favor by being evil.

He supposedly arrived with a police van, and some people can be heard cursing at him in a video that has gone viral online.

Meanwhile, His management has released a statement. The management stated after hearing the news that, they expressed astonishment and disappointment over what had happened.

The management expressed their failure to understand how young people could become blinded by an entitlement mentality in the statement. The term “entitlement mentality” refers to the idea that these young people feel as though they are entitled to something, even if it is not easily attainable or given. This way of thinking is associated with sensations of invulnerability and limited comprehension of the world beyond one’s immediate actions.

The statement also stated that legal steps were being taken to ensure that those responsible for the attack received justice.

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