Portable Is Hospitalized After Surviving A Brutal Assault At His Restaurant

Musician Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, recently raised awareness among his fans and the entire public when he disclosed that he had been attacked by someone he had previously supported. The musician displayed the signs of the physical harm he suffered due to the attack in a video shared on his Instagram story. According to him, the attack by the same persons happened while he was visiting his sister, who was hurt in the event.

Successful artist Portable had previously assisted one of the attackers—with whom he had a long-standing close relationship—by purchasing a moped. In the video, Portable also gave some free advice, warning his fans and whom it may concern to keep their distance from people, especially when they start achieving success. However, he sounded pained by the unfortunate incident because, according to him, he had helped the attacker on various occasions.

After learning of the news, the singer’s management issued a statement expressing their shock and regret over what had happened. The management claimed in the statement that they could not understand how young people might become enamored with an entitlement mentality. The statement further stated that legal procedures were being taken to ensure that those responsible for the attack face justice.

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