Portable Previews A New Song, “Spiderman,” Inspired By Him Scaling A Gate To Avoid Being Arrested

Portable is once again making the most of yet another unfavorable circumstance.

The Street pop artist was recently in the news for trying to avoid arrest over an overdue car debt by jumping a fence. Under the alias “Wahala Musician,” Portable proudly bears the label of “problem child” in the Nigerian music industry. The artist, who recently made headlines for his fence-jumping incident, has previewed a new song called “Spiderman” on his Instagram account.

This new track is a further attempt by Portable to turn a viral moment into a song. Because he didn’t pay the remaining sum on the G Wagon Mercedes Benz he had bought from an auto dealer earlier this year, Portable was allegedly taken into custody by the police.

The singer, who just scored a smash duet with British-Nigerian rapper Skepta called “Tony Montana,” was captured on camera jumping a fence to avoid being arrested, only to be apprehended and thrown into a waiting car. With the release of “Brotherhood” after his feud with Nigerian famous cross-dresser Bobrisky, Street pop singer Portable began a pattern of converting viral incidents into songs. ‘Spiderman’ followed suit.

Similarly, after being arrested in 2023 for not showing up to multiple police invitations, Portable dropped the single “I’m Not A Prisoner.” Man’s a real-life problem.

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