Portable Reacts As Small Doctor’s Fans Hurl Bottles At Him During Performance In Agege

The beef between Nigerian singers Portable and Small Doctor took a nasty turn over the weekend as the Zeh nation leader was prevented from performing at Agege, which is the hood of Small Doctor.

The songster had gotten on stage for a performance but the crowd prevented him from performing by throwing bottles on stage. At some point, as seen in a clip currently circulating on social media, the crowd had shouted that the controversial singer should recognise that he is on Small Doctor’s turf and asked him to prostrate in apology to the musician.

From the clip, though, it could be seen that the songster did not prostrate as bidden by the crowd. Instead, he continued singing as some peeps tried to shield him from the missiles flying onto the stage. You can check out the clip below.

After the event, Portable, known for always speaking his mind, would erupt with indignation, accusing Small Doctor of beefing his glory. Not only did he accuse Small Doctor, he went ahead to state that he would retaliate.

According to Portable, Oshogbo, Sango Ota and Ibadan are among the cities where he would deal with Small Doctor if he encounters him.

For the duo, clear, it is daggers draw,

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