Portable Ridicules Small Doctor Viciously For Being Arrogant

If there is controversy, take a careful look around, and you just might find Portable lurking in one corner.

Fast-rising Nigerian street-hop musician, Portable, has made it to the news for what he is best associated with and which, frankly, kind of looks good on him: controversy. On Thursday, Portable woke up and chose violence. In an Instagram Live, Portable went off on Fuji musician, Small Doctor, cussing him out and bathing him in insults of all shapes and sizes. Then, behind the wheels of his ride, while in motion, Portable called out Small Doctor for being pompous and stingy.

Though most of what he said in the short footage from the live session was in Yoruba, his local dialect, you could still tell from the tone of his voice that it was no motivational speech. The man was livid to the bone! Asking Small who he has helped, he accused the Fuji artiste of not “showing love” to the thugs he sends out to do his dirty jobs on the streets. He also trolled the singer about no longer making hits as he gave himself props for helping him score his last hit record.

Additionally, Portable alleged that Doctor had sent “Awawa Boys” after him. As intense as all this might come off, we hope things do not escalate while we await Small Doctor’s response.

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