Portable Teases A Diss Song For Controversial Content Creator, Saida Boj

Nigerian street pop phenomenon, Portable, has shared a teaser of a new song in which he warns popular content producer Saida Boj against making hasty decisions.

When Saida Boj first appeared on Pulse Hot Takes, she made controversial remarks like “only weak men do 50/50 in a relationship,” which garnered attention. She also became popular for making contentious remarks on the Honest Bunch Podcast, such as saying that a man had to spend 20 million naira in the first week to demonstrate his seriousness.

After Saida Boj’s performance on the Honest Bunch Podcast became viral, Portable used his Instagram live session to film a speech about her. The street pop star recently gave a sneak peek of his song “SaidaBoboje,” which features his thoughts on Saida Boj, on social media. In the portion of the song he previewed, Portable ridiculed Saida Boj for her opinions on love relationships while also berating her for living a carefree lifestyle through the usage of Yoruba proverbs.

The most recent diss song by Portable, directed at Saida Boj, continues his habit of making songs out of his experiences and conflicts with other people. After meeting Tiwa Savage, Portable just gave a sneak peek to an ode to attractive women called “Ogbanje.” The street-hop sensation generating headlines is currently in the US, where he has been giving performances at various venues.

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