Quavo Shares Teaser As He Collab With Lana Del Rey

Music fans were taken aback earlier this week when they spotted former Migos rapper Quavo and pop star Lana Del Rey hanging out together. It was an unexpected collaboration that no one saw coming. Although Lana has worked with rappers before, such as A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti, and Quavo has made appearances on poppier tracks, such as Calvin Harris’ “Slide,” their musical styles seem to be worlds apart. However, the two have confirmed that they are working on new music together, which has piqued the interest of fans around the world.

Quavo recently posted a teaser of their collaboration on Instagram, offering a brief glimpse of what’s to come. The teaser generated a wide range of reactions from fans; some were thrilled by the prospect of this unique collaboration, while others were more sceptical. The teaser also sparked conversations about Quavo’s recent beef with Chris Brown, with some fans discussing the incident in the comment section. The feud between the two musicians has been a popular topic amongst fans, with many trying to decipher who came out on top.

The beef between Quavo and Chris Brown reportedly escalated from diss tracks to real-life incidents, with Brown allegedly buying out many tickets to Quavo’s show, resulting in a small audience. This incident added another dimension to the feud, becoming a hot topic for fans to discuss. Despite the drama, Quavo seems to be focusing on his music and is excited about his collaboration with Lana Del Rey. Fans can’t wait to hear what the two have in store for them, and the upcoming release is highly anticipated.

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