R. Kelly Was Convicted Of Six Out Of Thirteen Counts In A Federal Child Pornography Trial

R. Kelly was found guilty of one of the 13 crimes he was facing in his federal trial, which also included child pornography. While being exonerated on seven of the accusations, Kelly was found guilty on three counts of child pornography and three counts of soliciting children for sex. The minimum sentence for each child pornography charge is 10 years in jail.

While Milton “June” Brown and Derrell McDavid, Kelly’s accused accomplices, were both cleared of all counts, Kelly was found guilty. They had been charged with rigging Kelly’s 2008 child pornography trial by allegedly intimidating and bribing witnesses. The jury deliberated for a total of 11 hours before making a decision. They got together on Tuesday afternoon, and on Wednesday they made a choice.

“What R. Kelly wanted was to have sex with young girls,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeannice Appenteng said in the prosecution’s closing arguments, earlier this week. “And what the people around him wanted… they wanted to help their boss, including helping him get away with it.”

On Tuesday, Jennifer Bonjean, Kelly’s defense attorney, made the following claims: “This man did some beautiful things with his music. And he should not be stripped of every bit of humanity. I ask more importantly and to remember each count counts and take the time you need…Mr. Kelly deserves it no matter what you think of him.”

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