‘R-Rated’ Joint Tour Announced By Bobby Shmurda And Rowdy Rebel

The explosive Brooklyn pair of Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel may have missed out on a few years of music and money, but they are more than making up for it now. The “Hot N***a” rapper and his GS9 partner will go on their first-ever joint tour, according to him.

Bobby announced the tour on social media, writing, “Get yah tickets now we outside Im bringing a whole lotta rated R shit outtt all the gangsters and freaks this ah Shmurda tour this going be the craziest shit ever y’all think ima crazy now watch when I get on tour.”

The first performance of the tour’s North American leg is scheduled for October 8 in Portland, Maine. Rowdy also provided tour information to his Instagram followers, writing, “First time ever me and bro @itsbobbyshmurda going on tour… this what they didn’t wanna see but we made it happen! We coming to a city and state near you… Afterparties about to go crazy come turn up with us.. Get yal tickets.”

Following their arrests in for murder plot, reckless endangerment, drug and weapon possession, the “Computers” rappers spent nearly seven years in prison together. Excited to join his friend on a tour across the country, Bobby posted on Instagram: “I get shit done, n-gga. Ask somebody who get shit done, they gon’ tell you Bobby get shit done. I came home did six years [and] ran up some M’s.”

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