Rap, According To A$AP Rocky, Is Lacking In Maturity These Days

Hip-hop is a youth culture, but A$AP Rocky believes there is a lack of maturity today compared to the early to mid-aughts. Jerrod Carmichael was recently questioned about how he feels about “growing older in rap” during a recent interview.

“Rap is in its adolescence and it’s been stuck here since Soulja Boy,” explained Rocky. “Before, everybody looked 35 and up. When Lil Wayne and Jay-Z and T.I. and Jeezy and Ross was on, rappers looked old. Like, we had Lil’ Bow Wow and that was it. That all changed with the internet and self-releasing. Now, rap is stuck in this braggadocious, adolescent space. It’s not as mature.”

Jay-Z was the first rapper he had listened to that talked about his family in his music, according to Carmichael. Rocky said that being a rapper nowadays, regardless of demographic, carries a certain amount of responsibility.

“But the thing is, being a rapper now, you don’t want to exclude anybody or neglect any demographics. As somebody that people look up to, there’s a responsibility to put people on the right path,” he said in addition.

Rocky also said that he’s been heavily collaborating with Tyler, The Creator on new music. He also stated that he is nearing the completion of his upcoming solo album.

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