Ray J Now Has A Leg Tattoo Of Sister Brandy Inked On It

Ray J and his equally well-known sister Brandy have an unshakable friendship that is the epitome of sibling love. The majority of siblings, if not all of them, are notorious for quarreling and fighting, yet Ray and Brandy have shown that they are the closest of friends.

They appeared on television together, including each other in their music videos, and defended one another when one of them might have been mentioned in a contentious article. Brandy mocked her brother over his Verzuz performance, joking that she handed him a to-do list to aid with his vocals while yet taking it seriously.

Recently, Ray J debuted a new tattoo honoring his sister. Nobody expected that, but his supporters weren’t shocked. Ray posted a video of himself getting his new tattoos while sitting in the tattoo artist’s chair. Ray J presented a sizable photo of his sister with numerous face tattoos while Brandy’s 1994 single “Best Friend” played in the background.

“NEW @brandy TATOO BY ONE OF THE GREATEST!! @_mashkow_ ,” wrote Ray in the caption. “IM GETTING MY WHOLE LEG TATTED WITH- MUSIC- LOVE – SCRIPTURES – THE VOCAL BIBLE – FAMILY – GHOSTS – POSITIVE WORDS AND THEMES – REAL GOTHIC LIKE — ‘THE HOLY LEG! ‘ – GONNA TAKE A MINUTE!! But I got the best doing it !! STAY TUNED!! – FULL LEG TATT — I had to start with my best friend!!”

Brandy jumped into the comments to express her thoughts, writing: “Brooooooo[black heart emojis] .”

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