Raye Hits Out At Industry Execs For Profiting Off/Underpaying Songwriters

Raye, the British artist who won a record-breaking six BRIT awards this month, has criticized industry executives for underpaying songwriters while taking enormous profits for themselves. According to Raye, songwriters are left to fight over scraps of publishing. The situation makes her very angry, and at this month’s BRIT Awards, Raye used her Songwriter of the Year award acceptance speech to call on music executives to allow songwriters to receive royalty payments. In a recent interview with the Daily Star’s ‘Wired’ column (per MusicNews), the singer reiterated her stance on the issue.

“For an industry that profits off songs, you got these CEOs and big label execs living in their fat huge Chelsea mansions, living a beautiful life, meanwhile songwriters you are profiting off are broke, can’t afford rent and fighting over scraps of publishing that is sat in bank accounts for two years before they receive a penny, because publishers have kept it in there so they can collect interest and make a whole separate business.”

“Every single song that’s released in the world, there are 100 royalty points.

“The label will take, say, 80 points. The artist, in a good deal, will take maybe 20, 15, or maybe 12 and then producers get four points, but it has to come out of the artist’s points.

“And the songwriter doesn’t even get one point. It’s disgusting, the whole industry is disgusting. That’s one little example of what goes on behind closed doors where there is no accountability.”

“I think we need to have a conversation,”  “I want to normalise giving songwriters master royalty points”.

“It doesn’t have to be at your expense, but it just means that if the songs win big, then the writers get to win big too. Please allow that to happen.”

RAYE, a talented songwriter who has written for several high-profile artists such as Beyoncé, Mabel and Charli XCX, spoke to NME in 2022 about feeling like her skills were undervalued. Despite her extensive work, Raye felt that her songwriting talents were being seen as a “rent-a-verse” service, with people knowing her songs but not her as an individual. Raye also opened up about her struggles with her former label, Polydor, which prevented her from releasing an album for seven years. She parted ways with the label just weeks later and has since continued as an independent artist. At the 2023 Mercury Awards, RAYE expressed her delight at being recognized for her debut album, ‘My 21st Century Blues’, describing it as something she had wanted for a very long time.


After making history at this year’s BRIT Awards by becoming the first ever artist to secure six trophies in one night, @Raye spoke to NME after the show to recall how the moment felt, and what it meant to have support from her grandmother during the ceremony #raye#britawards#brits#music#fyp#foryoupage

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