Read Meek Mill’s Motivating Note To Davido Following Their Quiet Dispute

After resolving their conflict some months ago, American rapper Meek Mill recently delivered a message of support to Nigerian music icon Davido via his Instagram story. On December 29, Meek Mill, now traveling to Ghana for Afro Nation, posted a brief message of support to Davido using the Instastory feature. He simply said, “Stay strong, keep going.”

Read Meek Mill'S Motivating Note To Davido Following Their Quiet Dispute, Yours Truly, News, April 17, 2024

Although Meek Mill didn’t provide context for his statement, it comes about two months after Davido lost his kid, Ifeanyi, in a sad swimming pool accident and was possibly intended as a message to encourage the Nigerian star. The song “Fans Mi,” which was Meek Mill and Davido’s first American collaboration and started a trend of American collaborations in the music business, was Davido’s first collaboration with an American artist.

Also, keep in mind that earlier this year, when Meek Mill expressed his desire to travel to Africa, he alluded to an altercation between him and Davido and said that they were “mad at each other.” Therefore, this message offers a hint that perhaps the two stars have finally made peace, even though it is not definite. Additionally, Davido responded by paraphrasing the rapper’s tweet using a phrase from his song “Fem,” “Make una tell am to call me.”

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