Records Deals Were Lost By R. Kelly’s Daughter Due To His Reputation

Numerous people’s lives have been allegedly impacted by R. Kelly’s alleged behavior. Thousands of people, including his friends, family, and fans, have been made aware of the alleged harm he has caused to those in his life. While many women have previously shared their experiences, his daughter has chosen to speak out about her own.

A radio station in Atlanta called Majic 107.5 wanted to interview Joann Kelly and her mother, Drea Kelly. She described how challenging it has been to forge her own identity during their conversation. “A lot of people don’t know,” she stated, “I do music, I do visual arts — I went to school for it.”

She said that because of her parents’ backgrounds, her talents are frequently disregarded. The interviewer then inquired about the impact of her family on her music career, to which she replied that it had both positive and negative effects. “The experience has been, ‘You’re only getting this because of who your parents are,’ and then, ‘You’re not getting this because of who your parents are,’” she said to the host.

Later, Joann admitted that she had been denied opportunities just because of her last name. She even remembered a period when she had flown to Los Angeles and was set to sign the paperwork, but as it was discovered who she was, the chance was taken.

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