Regarding Drake’s Release Of A Dance Album, Vince Staples Said, “I Did That In 2017, N*ggas Was On Me.”

As the world processes Drake’s 14-track surprise album, which is full of EDM and dance-inspired tracks and wasn’t immediately embraced by everyone, opinions about it are still pouring in from all over the internet. During a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Vince Staples, 28, shared his thoughts on Drizzy’s most recent album and compared it to his 2017 release, Big Fish Theory.

Around the 1:57:00 mark into the broadcast, the host questioned the rapper, “You think Drake putting out a dance album gets us closer to the elimination of rap music as a whole?” “I did that in 2017, n*ggas was on me,” was the fast response from Staples.

“That Big Fish Theory, n*ggas was mad at that, ‘What’s up with this n*gga?'” he stated, mimicking his critics at the time, before going on to say that Drizzy’s seventh studio album is very “visual” to him and that certain musicians, like Michael Jackson and the moonwalk, are associated with particular images in his mind.

“So when you think about where music is heading, everything is Instagram,” explained the Compton rapper. “Everything looks the same, everything moves the same, everyone dresses the same, everyone talks the same. So the genre shit is gonna have to go out the window eventually.”

Below, you can listen to the entire episode of The Joe Budden Podcast with Vince Staples.

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