Regarding Her “Brownie Glazed Lips,” Hailey Bieber Has Been Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

The businesswoman and fashion model uploaded a little video to TikTok last week showing off her preferred new beauty trend: brown lipstick with a coating of transparent gloss on top. “Ready for all the fall things including brownie glazed lips,” she wrote.

Despite receiving over three million views, the video caused controversy among many of her fans, who criticized the model for failing to give credit for the style to Black and Latina women who have been wearing the combination for years.

“I’m crying because she took a lip combo that Black and Latina women have been wearing since the ’90s and named it ‘brownie glazed lips’ to make it sound cute lol, like if you gonna try to make something trend then the least you could do is give credit from where you got the inspo,” one follower wrote, to which another agreed: “So basically the exact same colour combo our tias [aunties] have been using.”

“’90s LATINA LIPS, love that you took inspiration from them,” another user added, with yet another throwing in their two cents: “My mom, tias and primas [cousins] have been rocking that look since the ’90s.”

As of now, Hailey hasn’t replied to the criticism.

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