Regarding The Age Difference In Her Relationship With Jesse Rutherford, Billie Eilish Couldn’t Care Less What Anyone Has To Say

After Jesse Rutherford and Billie Eilish appeared to make fun of their apparent age difference over Halloween, people began to worry about their relationship and the two of them. Billie Eilish was unconcerned about this.

In the middle of October, Rutherford started dating Eilish. After weeks of rumors and conjecture, they finally made it public in 2022 with pictures of PDA before the disastrous Halloween costume incident. Eilish and Rutherford went as a baby and an elderly man, while other celebs dressed as the X-Men or Marge Simpson.

The response was overwhelmingly negative, but according to Hollywood Life, none of the parties involved are concerned about the eleven-year age difference. Her older brother Finneas O’Connell is said to have expressed support for the couple and a high opinion of Rutherford. An insider expressed his approval and his happiness at witnessing his sister’s happiness.

“Finneas approves of this, as he really loves seeing his sister so happy and giddy.”

According to the insider, Rutherford and Eilish get along well and are both obviously ardent music lovers. Because he has known the 20-year-old since she was 17, it’s possible that Rutherford doesn’t view her as a “superstar.”

“The chemistry between them is electrifying and everyone around them can see this.”

Given that Rutherford has known her since she was a minor, the age difference seems puzzling, but famous couples with wide age differences are nothing new.

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