Rema Expresses Admiration For Burna Boy’s London Stadium Achievement

Burna Boy's Historic Feat: A Beacon of Inspiration for Rising Stars

In a recent display of camaraderie and mutual respect within the Nigerian music industry, rising star Rema expressed his admiration for Grammy Award-winning musician Burna Boy. This followed Burna Boy’s remarkable achievement of selling out the 80,000-seat London Stadium, a feat that has not only set a new record but also established Burna Boy as the first African artist to achieve such a monumental accomplishment.

The authenticity of this remarkable achievement has been verified and confirmed by the official page of the London Stadium. The concert, held on Saturday, was a resounding success, with Burna Boy delivering a performance that was both emotionally charged and energetically captivating.

Following this feat, Rema took to his Instagram story to shower accolades on Burna Boy, recognizing him as an inspiration to upcoming singers, the entertainment industry, and Nigeria at large. In his heartfelt message, Rema conveyed his congratulations to Burna Boy, affectionately referring to him as “Uncle B.” He acknowledged Burna Boy’s unwavering commitment to his title as the African Giant and commended him for staying true to his words.Rema Expresses Admiration For Burna Boy'S London Stadium Achievement, Yours Truly, News, June 22, 2024

Rema’s message read, “Big congrats Uncle B. You say African Giant & you stand on it! God strengthen you to keep inspiring the boys. True icon. Love u OG.” This message reflects Rema’s deep respect and admiration for Burna Boy, demonstrating the sense of unity and mutual support within the Nigerian music industry.


Burna Boy’s achievement has been widely celebrated, with many recognizing it as a significant milestone for African artists. His previous accomplishments include selling out the renowned Arena in London and the impressive 40,000-capacity La Defense Arena in Paris.

Reactions to Rema’s congratulatory message have been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising Rema for his humility and respect for industry leaders. Fans have expressed their anticipation for a potential collaboration between the two artists, which would undoubtedly be a significant event in the Nigerian music scene.

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