Rema Hails Davido’s “Timeless” Album, Fans React to Instagram Post

Rema has once again demonstrated his admiration for fellow musician Davido by posting the album’s artwork and track listing to his Instagram story. The Mavin label singer recently met Davido in New York and hugged him, leading admirers to believe he was disrespecting his senior colleague by referring to him by his first name.

Rema’s most recent post demonstrates that he has nothing but reverence for Davido and his music, as he described Davido’s latest album ‘Timeless’ as having “unprecedented replay value” and used a goat emoji to express his gratitude.Rema Hails Davido'S &Quot;Timeless&Quot; Album, Fans React To Instagram Post, Yours Truly, News, March 1, 2024

Fans have responded to Rema’s post, with many stating that “real recognizes real” and praising the talent of both artists. Some even compared Rema’s action to the lack of support Wizkid received after releasing his album.

Davido and Rema were spotted embracing and conversing during a recent encounter at Hot 97 Ebro Fm in New York. The touching moment between the two Afrobeats stars was captured on video and shared on social media, much to their admirers’ delight.

Rema’s public endorsement of Davido’s album exemplifies the respect and camaraderie that exist within the Nigerian music industry. Despite the intense competition among artists, a sense of unity and mutual appreciation is evident.

As Rema and Davido continue to make their impression in the music industry, it is evident that their peers recognize their talent and dedication. Rema’s post serves as a reminder that music transcends borders and unites people, even in the face of competition.

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