Rema Releases “Reason You” and “Holiday” Before His NBA All-Star Appearance.

Rema - Holiday / Reason You

Nigerian Afro Rave artist Rema has released two new singles, “Holiday” and “Reason You,” ahead of his performance at Sunday’s NBA All-Star halftime show in Utah. The double-sided single is Rema’s first solo release since his debut album “Rave & Roses” last year and showcases a new, evolved sound for the artist.

“Holiday” is an uptempo track that reflects on Rema’s struggles and sacrifices, highlighting his self-belief despite doubts, criticism, and rejection. The song features rapid shekeres and a pulsing backbeat and was produced by Blaisebeatz, who also produced hits for Kizz Daniel and Chris Brown featuring Wizkid.

On “Holiday,” Rema sings, “My music is traveling, from India to Asia, to Berlin,” in English before repeating the hook in Pidgin, a language commonly spoken across West Africa. He also offers a prayer for the protection of his family before the hook repeats.

In contrast, “Reason You” features Rema’s enchanting, meditative vocals and contemplative guitar sounds. The song is dedicated to one particular individual who has caught his eye, with Rema expressing his distressed longing for the object of his affection.

Rema’s debut album, “Rave & Roses,” was released last March and featured his original solo version of “Calm Down” among 16 tracks. The song has since gone platinum with nearly 10 billion total streams and a remix featuring Selena Gomez.


“Holiday” by Rema appears to celebrate success and overcome obstacles. The lyrics in the song highlight the journey of Rema from his humble beginnings to his current success and how he has managed to make a living from his music career despite the challenges he faced.

In the first verse, Rema mentions how he had to resort to stealing to feed his family, but he is grateful to have come out alive. He also boasts about how much money he has made, indicating that he is now financially stable. He further states that anyone who wants to carry his weight will need a new gym instructor, emphasizing his success and difficulty keeping up with him.

In the pre-chorus, Rema talks about how he came straight out of Benin and released his EP, which many people thought would not be successful. However, he mentions that his music has traveled to different parts of the world, from India to Asia to Berlin, and it continues to grow. He expresses his disappointment that some people did not believe in him, but he kept pushing.

The song’s chorus talks about how Rema will never forget when people cast him and his crew away because they were unsuccessful. He mentions that now, every day feels like a holiday because of his success, and he celebrates it.

In the second verse, Rema talks about his friends who enjoy life and don’t worry about anything. He mentions that his success is not just about him but his team, and he asks that people pray for their ability to catch up. He further emphasizes his success by saying no calculator can count his surplus. He also acknowledges the hard work and sleepless nights he has endured to reach this level.

“Holiday” is an upbeat song that celebrates the artist’s success and how he has overcome obstacles in his journey. The song encourages listeners to keep believing in their dreams and pushing, despite the challenges they may encounter.

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Reason You

“Reason You”  centers around Rema’s emotions towards a particular love interest and how he cannot stop thinking about this person.

The song begins with a short introduction, and the chorus kicks in. The chorus repeatedly asks if the love interest is taken or available, and Rema emphasizes that he cannot resist the person’s charm and beauty. He also mentions that the person is heating his processor, which refers to how the individual is occupying his thoughts and emotions.

In the first verse, Rema expresses that the love interest is special to him, and he cannot reason with his feelings for the person. He admits to fooling himself over a girl; she has become his friends’ laughingstock.

The pre-chorus focuses on the love interest’s physical appearance, highlighting the person’s shining melanin and dress. Rema also mentions that he is in his feelings and credits God for his emotions towards the love interest. He then offers to give the person anything they desire, like a genie and asks if she has a boyfriend.

The second verse starts with Rema stating that girls globally are attracted to him, but he is solely interested in the love interest. He acknowledges that the person is vexed due to her toxic ex-boyfriend. Rema then apologizes on behalf of every guy and questions if money is why she is upset.

The chorus is repeated twice, emphasizing Rema’s obsession with the person and inability to reason with his emotions towards her.

“Reason You” is a track that showcases Rema’s feelings towards a love interest and his inability to stop thinking about her. The lyrics emphasize his attraction to the person’s physical appearance and inability to reason with his emotions. The chorus is catchy and reinforces the song’s theme. Overall, the song is a great addition to Rema’s discography and will surely be enjoyed by his fans.

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The release of “Holiday” and “Reason You” comes just one day after it was announced that Rema, Burna Boy, and Tems would headline the NBA All-Star halftime show in Utah with an Afrobeats set. This marks a significant achievement for the Nigerian artist, who has steadily risen in popularity over the past few years.

With the release of these two new singles, Rema continues to showcase his versatility and growth as an artist. Fans can look forward to seeing him bring his signature sound to the NBA All-Star halftime show on Sunday alongside two other Nigerian music heavyweights.

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