Rema Releases The ‘Rave & Roses’ Ultra

The beginning of this period of utmost significance for Rema can be traced back to his debut self-titled EP and, more importantly, the release of his highly successful debut album, “Rave & Roses,” a monumental work that has propelled him to unprecedented heights in the field of music. These 13 to 14 months of touring the world and releasing music have been marked by extraordinary accomplishments that have propelled Rema to unprecedented heights in this remarkable period.

Rema Releases The 'Rave &Amp; Roses' Ultra, Yours Truly, News, February 28, 2024

Rema has broken previous records and established new ones since the album’s release, solidifying his position as a significant force and the leader of the new school in the music business. Notably, “Rave & Roses” became the most-streamed Nigerian debut album on Spotify, leaving an enduring historical imprint. This outstanding achievement is evidence of the album’s vast appeal and Rema’s musical prowess, which is unmatched.

One particular song from the extensive collection of “Rave & Roses” has become a genuine sensation, attracting the attention of listeners worldwide. The outstanding tune on the album, “Calm Down,” has been a tremendous success and has been certified platinum and gold in a number of nations. In addition, a remarkable 444 million views have been racked up by the song’s accompanying music video, cementing its position as the most-watched Afrobeats song on YouTube.

Rema Releases The 'Rave &Amp; Roses' Ultra, Yours Truly, News, February 28, 2024

However, “Calm Down” has achieved much more than praise and popularity. The remix of this outstanding piece, which features Selena Gomez, represents a ground-breaking union of musical genius that took the sonic experience into unexplored realms, transcending limitations and exceeding all expectations. This incredible duet peaked at No. 6 on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 list, which attests to the song’s profound influence on the music world.

Rema Releases The 'Rave &Amp; Roses' Ultra, Yours Truly, News, February 28, 2024

An incredible milestone has been reached due to the phenomenal success of “Calm Down” and its ground-breaking remix with Selena Gomez. The cumulative streams of both song versions have surpassed one billion on the prestigious Spotify platform, establishing Rema as a trailblazer and record-breaker of incredible stature.

Finally, the “Rave & Roses” ultra (deluxe edition) by Rema has been made available. He adds new tracks to the celebrated album to provide fans with a satisfying listening experience.

Rema Releases The 'Rave &Amp; Roses' Ultra, Yours Truly, News, February 28, 2024

Fans will be delighted to know that Rema has released an improved version of the landmark “Rave & Roses” record, an ultra (deluxe) edition, today as a symbol of his unwavering devotion to his craft and commitment to his devoted following. In addition to the previously published transformative remix of “Calm Down” with Selena Gomez, Holiday, and Reason You, this resurrected version of the album will also include the new songs “Charm,” “Hov,” and “Dunno Me.” From the original 15, this now raises the overall number of tracks to 22.


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