Rema’s “Calm Down” Breaks Wizkid’s Long-standing Record

Rema, a young and gifted artist from Nigeria, has broken Wizkid’s long-standing record on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in a surprising turn of events. The song “Calm Down,” which Rema collaborated on with global pop star Selena Gomez, has been on the illustrious list for an incredible 36 weeks, marking a remarkable milestone. The “Calm Down” hit by Rema and Selena Gomez is now the longest-charting Afrobeats song in Billboard Hot 100 history, thanks to this outstanding achievement.

Rema beat Wizkid’s smash song “Essence,” which had held the record for 35 weeks, solidifying his status as a rising artist and a significant force in the music business. Rema has succeeded with his songs because of his unquestionable talent and magnetic energy. His distinctive approach and Selena Gomez’s mesmerizing vocals combine to form a potent synergy that appeals to listeners with a wide range of musical interests.

The song “Calm Down” exemplifies Rema’s flexibility as an artist by skillfully fusing Afrobeats rhythms with enticing pop melodies. Without question, its catchy beats and accessible lyrics have contributed to its ongoing success on the charts, enthralling audiences and leaving them wanting more. Therefore, it’s essential to recognize the significance of this milestone for the Afrobeats genre as we celebrate this outstanding accomplishment.

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